it’s time for congress to act on social security insolvency.

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The trust fund is in trouble

For 83 years, Social Security has guaranteed Americans some measure of financial security in their golden years. Come what may, every American who works and contributes to Social Security will have this vital source of retirement income to make ends meet. A 2018 Gallup study found Social Security reliance is at a 16-year high—all the while, Social Security’s Trustees project we have only 15 years to close a funding gap threatening to reduce benefits by 25%.

cuts are not an option

One in every six Americans collected Social Security last year. Four out of five beneficiaries are older Americans. Half of America’s seniors rely on Social Security for 50% or more of their income. And one in five seniors depend on Social Security for 90% or more of their income. Forty percent of those age 65 and older would fall below the poverty line without their benefits. Social Security is a critical and hard-earned lifeline—in many cases, the only lifeline—for our retirees. These Americans can’t afford to lose any part of it…

We can turn the clock back

…But we don’t have to. All we have to do is meet the shortfall head on: by prioritizing Social Security discussion in the House and Senate, tabling partisan conflict, considering current legislative proposals to increase Social Security funding and strengthen benefits, and bringing innovative solutions to the floor for debate. We need our legislators to immediately turn their attentions to making sure beneficiaries don’t end up paying the price for their inaction. Please join us in our fight to commit our elected officials to preventing benefit cuts and fixing Social Security.

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